Who Should Attend:200-150 DCICN

  1. Data Center Engineer
  2. Network Administrator
  3. Network Engineer
  4. System Administrator
  5. Systems Engineer
  6. Network Designer
  7. Consulting Systems Engineer
  8. Technical Solutions Architect

The Cisco Data Center Network (DCICN) exam (200-150 dcicn dumps free) is a 90-minute 55-65 problem assessment. This exam is one of the exams related to CCNA Data Center Dumps certification. This exam tests candidates ‘ knowledge of the data center’s physical infrastructure, data center network concepts, and data center storage networks.

Updated and Latest 200-150
Updated and Latest 200-150

Complete List of Topics

  • 1.0 Data Center Physical Infrastructure 15%
  • 2.0 Basic Data Center Networking Concepts 23%
  • 3.0 Advanced Data Center Networking Concepts 23%
  • 4.0 Basic Data Center Storage 19%
  • 5.0 Advanced Data Center Storage 20%

Exam preparation

  1. Classroom training(Introducing Cisco Data Center Networking (DCICN) v6.2)
  2. E-learning
  3. Practice{Cisco Virtual Internet Routing Lab Personal Edition (VIRL PE),Cisco Modeling labs}
  4. Study groups( CCNA Data Center study group )
  5. Study material

Introducing Cisco Data Center Networking (DCICN) 6.2

  1. Network Protocols and Host-to-Host Communication
  2. Advanced Data Center Networking Concepts
  3. Basic Data Center Storage
  4. Advanced Data Center Storage
  5. Cisco UCS Architecture


  • Have a good understanding of the network protocol
  • Have a good understanding of the VMware Environment
  • Basic Computer knowledge
  • Basic knowledge of Microsoft Windows operating system Basic Internet usage Skills

Course Content

The course covers basic knowledge, skills, and technologies, including data center network concepts, data center storage networks, and data center physical infrastructures. Focus on the basic operations of the data center, covering the topics required for today’s demanding associated level positions.

After study

  • Components that describe the Cisco UCS Manager Manager interface and the Cisco UCS Server
  • Describe OSI and TCP/IP models
  • Cisco UCS Physical connection that describes a structured interconnect cluster
  • Describe the packet delivery process
  • Describes data center Ethernet enhancements to provide nondestructive structures
  • Comparison and comparison of TCP/IP and OSI models
  • Describe Fibre Channel storage networks, zone types, and their uses
  • Check Cisco Data Center 200 150 dcicn dumps network architecture, 2-tier and 3-tier network design, and Spin/lef network design
  • Describe storage connection options in the Datacenter
  • Describe the basic features and tools of Cisco Nexus Products and Cisco Nx-os
  • Describe ACL object groups
  • Describe VLANs and Vsans
  • Describe and configure user security features
  • Describe the problem of STP
  • Describe layer 3rd first hop redundancy
  • Describe the routing process on the Nexus switch

Latest 200-150 Exam Study Material

Helps you find what you need faster and pass the exam faster.

Data Center Physical Infrastructure
Basic Data Center Networking Concepts
Advance Data Center Networking Concepts
Basic Data Center Storage
Advance Data Center Storage
  • Introducing Cisco Data Center Networking (DCICN) v6.2
  • Cisco Data Center Equipment and Technology Overview
  • High Speed Optics 40G, 100G & Beyond – Data Center Fabrics & Optical Transport
  • Cisco Nexus 7000 Series Switches
  • Cisco Nexus 9000 Series Switches
  • Cisco MDS 9100 Series Multilayer Fabric Switches
  • Cisco Data Center Infrastructure 2.5 Design Guide
  • CCNA Data Center DCICN 200-150 Official Cert Guide
  • Spanning Tree
  • Describing Spanning Tree Protocol
  • Calculating an 802.1d Spanning-Tree Topology
  • Ethernet Technologies
  • Introduction to L2 Switching
  • IPv6 At- A-Glance
  • Introducing IPv6
  • IP Addressing Guide
  • IPv4 Subnetting Reference Chart
  • Routing Basics
  • Cisco GLBP Load Balancing Options
  • Configuring HSRP and VRRP
  • VRRP Commands
  • Cisco Data Center Spine-and-Leaf Architecture: Design Overview White Paper
  • iSCSI and FCoE: A Comparison
  • BRKCOM-1211 – IP Storage Networking Fundamentals
  • I/O Consolidation in the Data Center
  • BRKVIR-1121 – Fiber Channel Networking for the IP Network Engineer and SAN Core Edge Design Best Practices
  • BRKSAN-3101 – Troubleshooting Cisco MDS 9000 Fibre Channel Fabrics


200-150 practice exam:The following exercises are from gk4exam. These practical questions do not reflect the actual problems you will receive in the real-time certification exam. They are just to complement your learning experience.

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Has anyone taken the new version of the 200-150 exam?

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I passed 200-150, and my experience is like this:

Cisco 200-150 study guide:If you’ve completed CCNA R & S, about 40% of the exams will be covered, so as long as you know your basic network, there will be a convenient overlap.Topics include Ethernet switching basics, Stp,vlan,ipv4/ipv6 addressing, SUBNETS,AAA,ACL,HSRP/VRRP/GLBP.

The other 40% is storage-if you don’t yet have a wealth of storage and SAN/FC experience, keep an eye on this.

The remaining 20% focuses on the data center physical infrastructure and the devices you find here. You need to have a good understanding of your device details. IE browser. The differences and limitations of the transceiver. Maximum distance, single/multimode fiber, difference between Ethernet cat levels, etc. Learn about your physical devices/components, port types/roles, power options.

My advice :

  1. Get exam topics.
  2. Read them a few times and then go watch the CCNA DC training Video: Data center training video.
  3. Use exam topics as a framework for taking notes on videos.
  4. Read everything about topics you don’t understand. Google them, focus on links, read articles, find charts, redraw them, tag them.

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