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  • nicolites
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    Nicolites Review

    Nicolites are a British e-cigarette company that was formed in 2008 with one employee and has since expanded to become one of the leading e-cigarettes brands within the ...

    On 15/06/2015 / By
  • v2-cigs
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    V2 Cigs Review

    We first heard of V2Cigs when they were recommended to us by a friend and after a bit of research we found out that this British based e-cigarette ...

    On 15/06/2015 / By
  • apollo-e-cig
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    Apollo E Cig Review

    You may have already heard of Apollo E-Cigarettes since they are one of the leading brands for fine electronic vaping.  With their head offices in California, they quickly ...

    On 21/05/2015 / By

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  • intellicig
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    Intellicig Discount Code

    Intellicig Coupon for 10% off Intellicig, one of the more prominent e-cig brands of UK, is majorly owned by CN Creative Group. The brand has become synonymous with ...

    On 09/04/2015 / By
  • green-smoke
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    Green Smoke Discount Code

    Green Smoke Coupon for 10% off When you talk about style and panache, the first name which comes to your mind is Green Smoke. Ever since its launch, it’s ...

    On 09/04/2015 / By
  • gamucci
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    Gamucci Discount Code

    Gamucci Coupon for 10% off The brand Gamucci was first established in UK in the year 2007; ever since its inception, it’s been credited with producing some of the ...

    On 01/04/2015 / By